Blue bright border in Krita's Windows version

So, is it possible to change top border color of active document in windows version of Krita? It is very dissonanting with my dark theme of krita. Windows 10 settings is tweaked to dark themes everywhere where it possible. Maybe I missed something?
I was concerned about it at start of using Krita, but I found bypass by dragging border at top in the way Krita’s toolbar overlaps it. But recently I began to use “Subwindow organizer” plugin by @wojtryb where main document is strictly aligned to the toolbar.

The color you talk about is taken from the color scheme - it’s in face the same color that those blue highlight in opacity and size bars or active layer.
You can try out my theme with this color being gray, and my tutorial from yesterday, which shows how to install it :slight_smile:

Edit: i forgot about how I hated this blue bar, as I created my theme, but you got a point. If I’ll find a way to change the color of this particular element apart from the theme, I’ll add it to the addon.

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Thanks again, man, you always helpful!
Your theme is too dark for me, but follow the tutorial I was able to find out and edit the default Krita’s dark theme.

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