Blurring Brush Test Accross various Applications

This dude has a sort of issue and made a video about how various painting applications approach the same issue. Thought it might be worth a watch.


Yes I saw this video @tiar linked it on IRC. I think they are mistaken about one thing. Krita allows you to set the smudge radius :slight_smile:

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It does? Well I will have to look that up when I am able too.

Yeah I added a comment there about it, too. Just take a Wet Circle brush and increase Smudge Radius to 22.0000 % Strength and it will pick up black even inside white areas. Borodante was mistaken by the “Strength” name of the option inside the tab, I believe.

I mean the radius is right below it :slight_smile: I watched the video and I thought come on man, it is just right under your cursor.

I was trying it out and yes the brush does feel different over edges.
but it is a bit abstract to set it up … I am setting it up but I am not sure where I am at with the value I select. I will have to play with it to gain experience.


Boro did a new video talking about it


And of course someone (Rakurri :)) told him that the Resource Management is being rewritten and he is hyped about it. As probably all of us are, aye? :smiley:
I see a bright future for Krita.

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