Blurry canvas

Hi! I just got a new computer; an Asus Zenbook (14 inches), and I need to resize my screen’s settings from 150% scale ratio to 100% scale ratio every time I want to draw because the canvas is so blurry. I’m not sure what I did wrong (if I downloaded the wrong version of Krita or something??) but either version whether I’m in 150% or 100% scale it’s quite eye-straining.

I’ve been using Krita for a while on my old computer and this problem has never happened before.

Can anyone help me?

150% scale:

100% scale:

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried enabling/disabling/changing Hi-DPI support which is at
Settings -> Configure Krita -> General -> Window tab ?

Hi! I just tried this and it helped a lot with the problem :smiley: It’s oh so slightly blurry still but I can live with it.

Thank you so much!