Bob Ross

I started watching “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” live whenever I draw the usual pictures you guys see every week. I LOVE this show.

Have you guys ever experienced watching Bob Ross, and what’s your favorite painting he did if you remember any of it? I would like to hear.

Mine’s usually the ones with the oceans


I love the ocean painting too. Especially how realistic he made the wave action look on the beach. The way he used his palette knife, it looked 3D-ish.

I learned how to paint trees from watching him. Now I can paint trees with confidence. :+1:t2::deciduous_tree:


I used to watch Bob Ross with my mom all the time!
I personally loved whenever he painted any kind of forest scene. He has such an iconic style, and like @CrazyCatBird i learned how to make ‘happy little trees’ from Bob Ross. :smiley:
I also developed a love for palette knives because of him.

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My main takeaway was the grumpy old mountains

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I should follow a Bob Ross episode for an artwork… that could attract attention

Bob was the one to introduce me into the Art world, and the process of painting. However I postponed truly drawing/painting to my adulthood, really recently actually. To this day I still watch some episodes from his show.

It was so good seeing they continuing the program on Youtube with the new episodes, and the weekend live reprises.

This is a marvelous idea, I highly recommend. I started my digital painting following Bob’s show on youtube, I talked more about this on this post.
For a more Bob Ross way of painting in Krita I suggest using iForce73 bundle, Environments 2.0

Cheers, and happy painting


I have that bundle already! Thanks for the suggestion

I grew up watching Bob Ross shows. Pretty sure that’s where I got the idea that I could actually learn to paint one day.

I love watching Bob Ross, his voice is so soothing but he “beats the devil” out of those brushes.

The reason why Bob Ross (“Whispering Bob”) spoke so softly is interesting and explained briefly here in the ‘Military Career’ section:
Bob Ross - Wikipedia

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