Boosting Krita Bundle WIP
boosting krita cover Wip01
(i know is not a master piece :P)

I have updated the bundle to make easier testing. And remember this is WIP I need more feedback from you :slight_smile:
Wanna more power? Boost Krita with this bundle. :wink:

REF thread with more images:


Curious is there an effect that can be achieved when painting something really big saving as a smaller size? Because when I view some pictures as a thumbnail sometimes it looks better than in its real size (real size could be 1200 px).

So could you get that thumbnail-look to be 1200px?

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain it better? Or you can just test the brushes and see if they fit your needs

If i am understanding what you are saying then yes there is one.

Bigger canvas allows you to add more details but you will see your brush strokes there which can look a bit messy. What many artists do is to work on a bigger canvas than what the final size will be , cause resizing to a smaller size will reduce the amount of noise and details making the image look cleaner and many times better.

Though this is kinda off-topic.

Going back on topic, will probably be testing these brushes today.
Edit: @RamonM for some reason i cant seem to be able to download the file, the download never starts.

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It’s because the package is marked as risky, you just have to allow download or well at least that’s what I did in Firefox.


no such option appears for me in opera, but due to you mentioning this i tested downloading on vivaldi and it worked, thanks.


Thanks for the brushes, they are great.

I tested it briefly on my Android tablet and they were fast.

I think these brushes are also useful for Android tablet users. (or other low performance device users)

When you finish this brush bundle, can it be used as a built-in brush for krita? And add high-performance tags to these brushes?


I am thinking about 3 things: Integrate them as it is with new Icon emblem to emphasize the boost, melting them with the default ones, Overwriting them if needed or Create a new specicif bundle for this… I don’t decide what goes by default, so we have to wait. But users feedback makes a lot. That is the reason why i have published them for free and in wip mode. Test them, Explode them! :wink: …and then let me know please what do you think


I think if the brush is from the default bundle but boosted, then replacing the default is good because this will make the default brushes speedier. if the boost has after effects and gives different result then a new brush would be good.


Have you tested them? your feedback would be helpful. They are not the Same but i think they cover the basics. I created this to help people to see how Krita can be used even in small devices and create good jobs. Also the performance boost is noted in more powerful devices so is a win to win

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This might sound more like a feature request I guess but if this becomes a new set of default brushes it would be nice to collect all the current default brushes without a bundle to have one so they are not all scattered about since this would force a check over that.

I really find odd having 2 default bundles plus extra loose brushes. I feel all default brushes should be added to a default bundle. And that bundle should be updated if new brushes are created. This sounds like it could be a update event to clean things up.


Hi RamonM I can,t download it you have an other link and thanks very much