Bounce Light Color Picker

So, I was thinking, and maybe this is just my laziness speaking, but it’d be pretty neat to have a color picker that gave you a median of two colors. I got to thinking about it because I’m still learning on how to show bounce light and this “tool” came to mind! The idea is that you would choose one color with the color picker, and then choose a second color and the color picker would give you a median of the two. It would be nice if you could adjust how much of each color is influenced on the decision of the new color too. Like, maybe lean towards 75% of the first color and only 25% of the second color. But yeah, what ya think??

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Krita already has this


Well if you want also in pigmento you can mix colors too in different ways and I colour spaces but also have a reference to the amount of light your using for the lit scene. and see how that light changes the colors however is still not physically based though. Also if you have a given lighting setup you want you can import it as a object or just paint it and tweak it like a 3d material.

Mind blown! Thank you for the info! Krita is just great!

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