Brain Dead

My brain is fried and that’s that. This is one of my drawing styles. I call it, "The Lazy Sketcher ". :smirk:


You having an art block?
Whenever that hits, doing studies is the best medicine. If it feels like too much effort, just think of it as drawing from reference. (It is the same thing, but by using different language, you trick your brain into actually doing stuff that you want)

I really liked it! Great style, just but precisely conveyed emotion!

In a way, I think I have art block because lately I’m in this phase where everything I draw just doesn’t feel right. I recently bought an art book that’s densely packed with drawing tips and illustrations of the human anatomy. I found that very helpful for new ways to experiment on my style.

Though I’m certain that I have writer’s block because I have trouble conveying my thoughts in words XD.

Though my brain is mostly fried these days because of school.

Thanks so much!

I enjoyed it! Almost looks like scribbles, but I like it :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush: