Brown Eyed Women

See how that works. This is my third portrait and this time I hope I can make things a bit easier by working with a reference.

Edit: Unsure about the copyright. Sorry for removing the Painting.


I hope those are shoulder pads. :slight_smile:

Actually they are not.

It’s part of her charming and quiet sexy pose ;-).

In that case she’s buff. :wink:

Jesus! Why do you show me that? You are a pervert! :smile::sweat_smile::raised_hands:

This is the first time I’ve ever been called a pervert. I’m making progress! :slight_smile:

I just thought their shoulders were similar.

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I’m just joking mate. I hope you don’t mind, if so, I am sorry for saying so.

I’d say you are of course right, her shoulders are indeed wide. I don’t see the hole body on the reference pic, but I guess that she is quite tall and more of a skinny type with a longer legs, long torso and long arms and neck. Some kind of “tall-framed” type.

And for sure I don’t bother if women are heavily muscled, I am very open-minded. As a longtime endurance athlete and ex-rower, I also honor and apreciate the fabulous fitness and body-shape the women has got achieved on your picture. Besides the hart training it takes a huge amount of discipline to reach such a state.

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She’s in good shape for a 62 year old. :slight_smile:

OMG, thats amazing! That’s trully outstanding.