brush creation window is tiny

I have been using the brush creation window recently much more and I noticed interacting with it is pretty hard by the simple fact some of the widgets are tiny.

  • First of all the window to edit brushes is rather small and very keen to be temporary. This is one of those things that has always puzzled me. Would it not make more sense if it had its own existence as a window so you could rescale the window? Also being locked to the widget I don’t feel it to be too necessary for a user, if anything it feels more of a restriction I might be wrong here but it is how I feel towards the window over all. Also if this was a docker it would not be something I would say no too.

Now for the meat and potatoes, widget size.

  • Brush sample preview - I love the sample but considering the total size of the window it feels small overall. I would consider it taking the full header. Moving the buttons of the header to be under it. Also it would be cool perhaps some reference to the graphic of the amount of pressure or opacity or flow being applied on the sample being bigger would allow to display such information too being similar to the graphs for the inputs below. Also changes to the settings can’t be seen as well for being such a tiny stroke.

  • Brush tip smoothness graph - this one is problematic in my opinion. It is too small. A couple of pixels to the side and the brush starts doing really different things visually. The thing that puzzles me the most is that the window has even free space considering it has a fixed size and it is not being used for no reason. Also fixing this should not be too hard I assume. The others points are kinda meh to do or not but this would be the one I give more attention to mind and it is also the easiest to fix if I am looking at this right.

Well that is my silly FR.


At least in master, the brush preset editor is a dialog now. That was originally a temporary measure to enable debugging crashes – which is impossible with a popup on X11 – but @RamonM and David Revoy have said they like it much better this way, so it’s going to stay a dialog.

Layout of items inside the brush editor is pretty tricky to change, because there are so many elements interacting. If you want to give it a try, please go ahead :slight_smile:

Oh it changed? My apologies then I did not know.

I am a bit surprised to hear that, considering the displayed layout I would not imagine that at all. I must say I am curious to see how it is built to become tricky. It must have some stuff around I am not aware of then. I will open my eye to learn what I can from it.

This week or late last week :slight_smile: The trickiness is mostly in that a lot of components are tied up together in non-obvious ways.



I noticed the change at the beginning of this week in the 5.0.0-prealpha and there was a bug in it which is still there. It is for me anyway.
Is this a Work In Progress or should I raise a formal bug report?

@AhabGreybeard i’ve notice that too, is your bug is that the button desappear from the toolbar after opening the first time?

@tiar already has a MR in the works to fix that :slight_smile:

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@mako :
The F5 key does not work to open the editor.
The button disappears from the toolbar if you make any changes then close the editor window.

I tend not to report any problems I see in the 5.0.0-prealpha because I know it’s very changeable and fluid in there.

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Well the button doesn’t disappear completely, but it somehow moves down or shrinks down (hard to say) so only a few pixels remain clickable, and since these buttons have no raised appearence anymore, you can’t even tell where you need to click :stuck_out_tongue:

Certainly not very convenient to use…but that’s not really the most inconvenient thing about master during the last months, I mean, it actually loads all vital resources again and doesn’t crash anymore on common actions, or even right on startup :wink:

The widget does actually move down by 30 pixels for whatever reason. And I found an easy temporary fix: Drag your toolbar briefly to the left or right docking area so it switches to vertical layout and back to where it was.
That seems to fix the issue for the rest of the session.



Without rewritting everything in layout, maybe just adding splitter to allow to resize properly left and right area could bve interesting.

Also, there’s a huge unused vertical space… could be great to use it to avoid to scroll in list(s)

Note: original screenshot made on a 4K monitor


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Currently using last downloaded appimage (krita-5.0.0-prealpha-7ae3f95-x86_64.appimage) it’s not a dialog window anymore…
Is it a regression? An option?


It’s optional now

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oooh thanks! I missed it :slight_smile: