Brush Creation

I am new to Krita brush creation but have experience with Photoshop. Can someone tell me or point me to the advantages of using SVG or PNG files? I ma used to using PNG files to begin the creation of brushes but have no experience with using SVG for this type of thing. Also, I prefer to make my brushes with a max size of around 1500x1500 pixels… does this constitute any sort of resource issue inside of Krita or does it relate more to the hardware I run?


The more big resources you have, the longer Krita will take on startup (but it will be fixed in 5.0.0). It might be that big original brush tips make Krita slower even if you don’t use them at such size.

SVG brush tips are later converted into pixels, so it’s probably not that much of a difference except that for storing svg brushes are probably more light-weight.