Brush Docker Shrinks after using multiple times "show only canvas"

Hello Guys.
I want ask if somebody have the same issue on linux (i tried in windows, and no problems) When I use the “Tab” key to “show only canvas” the Brush docker shrinks every time I hit the tab key. I made some screenshots to show. This happens in any position I place the docker>
I have KDE Neon, and not sure it is my OS problem, or Krita .

I have to specific if I place the docker at the bottom or top position, everything is fine. Basicly this happen when I move the docker in the right area

Using Debian 10 with the MATE desktop, I made a copy of your workspace and the Brush Presets docker did not change after repeated Tab presses.
I’ve no idea why this is could be happening in your case.

I am on Arch linux, and I can’t reproduce this sorry :frowning:

Thank you @AhabGreybeard and @raghukamath for the fast response.
I dont know, what hapening. I have to reset all the setting and make a clear install.
maybe this way will solve my problem

Before that try a live usb of kubuntu and rule out the possibility of being kde neon’s fault

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I find my bug. I reinstalled fresh and new. The Tab showing just canvas works well. But, after I use full screen option one, after that this shrink bug appear, and until a new fresh install keeps shrinking.
I reproduce it a few times. Of course just on my OS.
Thant you for the help guyz

I’ve got it now.
I reset the krtarc config file then started a session and selected my copy of your workspace.
Use of repeated Tab key was ok until I enabled Full Screen Mode and then disabled it.
I don’t have to do anything in Full Screen Mode, just enable it then disable it. The problem is not present while in Full Screen Mode.

After that, the Brush Presets docker repeatedly reduced in height after use of the Tab key.
This also happened after a restart.

Resetting kritarc fixes the problem until the next Full Screen Mode enable-disable.

Using my old/usual kritarc, the problem does not happen. So, what is it about my old/usual kritarc file ??

Edit:Add: If I put the Undo History docker on the same space as the Brush Presets docker so they are tabbed, that space grows vertically instead of shrinking with repeated use of the Tab key.

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Oh. Thank you @AhabGreybeard so much for testing this out for me! I stop using the full screen mode after clear install, and this way I manage to keep it well. :slight_smile:
Thanks again

It’s a known issue:

No idea if/how it can be fixed though…

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ok. thank you @Lynx3d. I will not use the full screen option. looks the best way right now. not a big problem