Brush Dynamic Cursor

Hello again,
I couldn’t find what I was looking for by googling it. This being said, it might be because I’m not using the right terminology. Let me explain.

You know how when you use a brush, the brush cursor, for example a circle, will dynamically change size depending on how close the pen is to the tablet.

This would normally happen when I would use my Wacom Cintiq 13HD.

It doesn’t happen anymore with my Huion 22 Pro and it’s a feature I’ve grown accustomed to and have trouble living without.

Is that a driver issue with my Huion or is could it be related to Krita? What is the right terminology for this? Dynamic Brush Resize?

I’m pretty sure Krita detects it because when I went in the configure file to check I got:

I think my settings are ok as I didn’t change them and they worked fine on the Wacom:

Your settings seem to be okay. We can ask others who have Huion 22 pro to check this, If they can reproduce this can be an issue with the hardware.

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Ok, thanks.

Is anyone aware of any other software having this? As far as I know nothing else out there has this function.

Is anyone aware of any other software having this?

hi, are you sure the size depends to the proximity of the pen and the tablet. The size can change with the tilt of the pen. if i activate the tilt in size parameter of the brush “b) basic-5 Size” it “seems” to act as you describe but it’s a side effect of tilt i think…

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Never happened on either my Wacom Intuos Pro nor Yoga c940. And afaik Krita doesn’t change the preview of a brush that is dependent only on pressure dynamically like that.

@mco suggested Tilt, it can also be based on Drawing Angle, but not pressure. And it might be that you either use a different brush (since the brush you have selected here doesn’t react to neither Drawing Angle nor Tilt), or you use the same brush in both cases (still not Basic Size though…) but you haven’t noticed that your Huion doesn’t support Tilt? (I’ve checked and it should; but maybe the driver is not working entirely correctly?).

So, which brush are you using? Did you make any changes to that brush? If you turn on Tilt in Brush Editor (F5) in Size, does it work when painting?

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I was mistaken actually. It’s not when I bring the pen closer to the tablet. The cursor size varies depending of the pressure I apply to let me know how big the brush currently is.

This is what I’m wondering if other software have it or not.

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oh ok, so it should work with “while painting > Use effective outline size” i think. Maybe it has something to do with graphic acceleration to display the cursor, are you using opengl or angle? maybe switch this parameter and restart krita…

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GIMP has that behaviour.

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I remember Wacom used to have an air-brush pen that basically had inverse presure and determined brush size based on the distance to the tablet, greater distance meant bigger brush. I filed that under obscure peripheral since I never met someone who actually had and used it.

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