Brush Lag Problems on Mac

Type of device* : Laptop
Brand and version of the device: Macbook Pro 2012
System** : High Sierra

I’m having quite a bit of lag on krita. My brush strokes are delaying even when I use my mouse. Is there any way I could solve this? I’ve also tried older version (down to 4.2.9) and I seem to have the same issue. I’ve had krita before without this issue, but I uninstalled it because the software wasn’t enabling pressure sensitivity with my tablet.

Do you have smoothing / stabilizer enabled? Check it in the tool options docker.

I only had it on basic since I just installed it. :,)

Hi @eyemaren.

A MacBook Pro 2012 has, if I remember correctly, 4 GB RAM (main memory) and could possibly reach its performance limits.
If you create a (very) large image and do this in conjunction with a, in this case, large color depth of 16 or even 32-bit, instead of the 8-bit color depth preferred for weaker hardware, then it could come to such impairments. In this case it may help to start Krita only, i.e. to quit all other programs if possible. You could say that powerful software prefers, if not needs powerful hardware in case of large images with many effects, layers, large color depth, the more you want, the more power programs like Krita or PS need.



I gotta remember to tell my friend that. I just introduced her to Krita yesterday and I noticed that it was a bit laggy on her Mac laptop.

So, I’m guessing this would be solved if I upgraded my RAM or got a new computer (with bigger RAM)? I’m guessing Krita and Medibang have a lot of differences then, because everything works smoothly when I use Medibang. I did make sure I was using an 8-bit and it still had lag issues/wasn’t smooth. I usually only have firefox open when I use Krita, so that could also be a possible issue?

Hello @eyemaren,

this is ONE possibility (and my personal guess is the likely reason), but there MAY be different reasons.
But to try it without a Firefox started at the same time is fast, costs no money and is at least worth a try, possibly it helps a little.

If someone wants to do more than just occasionally “draw or paint a little”, then one should have powerful hardware because otherwise it gets frustrating very quickly. For occasional use, a current mid-range PC from 8 GB RAM upwards should be sufficient.
However, the opinions of users in the forum who use Krita intensively or even professionally, regarding the size of RAM “you should have” is at least 16 GB, but preferably more and a reasonably current CPU with at least 4 cores.
To save money, I have therefore bought a used graphics workstation (info on this can be found if you click on my profile picture). It’s 10 years old now, but it’s still very good because of its professional background and a new MacBook Pro would have been much more expensive.

Regarding the differences of Medibang Paint Pro and Krita. How do you explain something like that? Well, let’s try to make it tangible.
Please take a look at the size of the Medibang Paint Pro and Krita installations on your MacBook for comparison. Although I don’t own a PC from Apple I think you can compare the size of directories there as well. There you can visually “experience” that more capabilities, or a larger feature set, is reflected in the amount of disk space it requires. For example, Krita on my Windows PC is a good 3½ times larger than Medibang Paint Pro - for this I attach a screenshot of my PC. Well, and this more data occupies more RAM (memory) on your MacBook, plus image data and other things have to be calculated and so it can happen that Medibang feels “smoother” than Krita. A difference that should quickly no longer be felt with more powerful hardware.

Krita vs. Medibang Paint Pro, size on hard disc

That was a lot of theoretical talk, and hopefully it didn’t bore you too much. Maybe you have a friend with a newer PC where you can try out if Krita reacts acceptably for your needs to make a possible purchase decision?

If you have any questions about Krita, this is the right place for you. I cannot and will not give a specific PC purchase recommendation. Should you also want to buy a graphics tablet, if you don’t have one yet, make sure that the manufacturer offers drivers for your operating system, especially for Linux this is not a matter of course.

Good luck and happy painting!


Since it’s already 4:30 in the morning and I’m a lazy person, I translated this with the support of DeepL :wink:

Ah, you caught me. I totally wasn’t going to ask what you’d recommend haha. I actually do already have a tablet that works for my computer and for the drawing programs I like^^

I guess I’ll be on the search for either better RAM of just to upgrade my computer entirely. Thank you for making me aware of this possibility :slight_smile:. I’ll definitely be here more if I find anything I need help with that’s Krita related.

Hello @eyemaren,

I’m glad to hear that you obviously want to get more involved with Krita :wink:
Regarding your thoughts about upgrading your current device or buying a new one, I can really only reiterate my recommendation to test Krita on a friend with more recent or more powerful hardware to make a decision based on that.

Thoughts of an old geezer - or things I've never said ;-)

I personally wouldn’t buy anything less than 16 GB RAM, current 8-core CPU, SSD(s) for OS & software, and an upper mid-range graphics card [[if intensive 3D applications are also to be used an upper-range or high-end graphics card]] (but I’m just an old freak)

Have a nice day and happy painting all the time!