Brush Lag Report

I used krita with mouse it was all good then I used krita with drawing tablet and it became all laggy like the drawing tablet is not properly plugged in then and also my mouse was also lagging at krita like at my drawing tablet. I already restarted it but the lag is still there. I opened Autodesk Sketchbook and there is no lag. I also unplugged and plugged my drawing tablet but it is still there. Please help me

Thanks @bxtermiilk for your feedback. More info is needed usually to be helped by devs. There are lot of brands combinations and that is important. So please Add the info
Operative System
Krita Release
Tablet Device
Your PC specs in terms of power
The more info you give, better. :wink:

That will be helpful if you want the help of experienced users or devs like @tiar @AhabGreybeard @dkazakov

I hope this helps

As well as the information that @RamonM asked for:

If you unplug your tablet and leave it unplugged, does the mouse still show a laggy response?
Are you working with a particularly large canvas size or using a large brush size?
Please do any testing with the b)_Basic-2_Opacity brush preset to keep things simple.

Do you have View -> Instant Preview Mode enabled?

In Settings -> Configure Krita -> Display group > Canvas Acceleration tab, do you have Canvas graphics Acceleration enabled?

From Help -> Show system information for bug reports, please copy paste the contents of that window to a reply here.

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@AhabGreybeard always “solving puzzles” Thanks! i take note of these tips.