Brush Lag (VEIKK & Windows)

Type of device: Tablet / Laptop
Brand and version of the device: VEIKK A15 Pro Digital Pen Tablet / Insperion 7306 2n1
System: Krita 4.4.3 / Windows 10 Home 20H2

After every stroke, the Krita cursor lags. It resets when I start moving the mouse around but it’s really annoying to do that after every single line.

It also won’t draw circles while the stabilizer’s on, but that’s probably a different issue?

This is the first time I’ve ever used an art tablet (or Krita) and I’d really like some help resolving this issue.

It sounds like you set the stabilizer (or smoothing how it’s called in Krita) to such high levels that Krita thinks your circle motion is an edge that needs to be smoothed. Could also be the source of your lag. Does the brush work better when you disable smoothing completely?

I’ve been using the default stabilizer setting but I’ll see if that fixes it.

Update: I can make circles now! But the brush is still lagging, though it’s a little better than before. The brush moves faster than the stabilizer too, is that supposed to happen?

First you should read about pen smoothing and the different modes and what their settings do in Krita

When it’s turned off brush strokes should not lag but it kinda depends on what you mean with lag. There are different behaviors that could be referred to as lag.

If it still lags, similar issues in the past have been caused by simply using weak devices with ginormous brush and canvas sizes like here or here, or by giving Krita too few resources in the Settings.

What are your device specifications, how big is your canvas, your brush and what brush preset do you use when it’s happening?
Since you just wrote “Laptop” it could be the same issue since most laptops that are not for gaming or professional use are pretty weak to save battery.

I once had an issue with instant preview mode and had to turn it on/off but that was years ago.

My laptop is an Insperion 7306 2n1. It’s right up there on the original post, under “Brand and version of the device”. You can find the tablet under there as well, it’s a VEIKK A15.

I’m using the default sizing setting, so the width is 2480, the length is 3508, and the resolution is 300. I’m going to halve that to experiment later though, along with testing the brush settings.

By lagging I mean the pen point moves around on but the stabilizer circle stays still until I start making strokes again. That might just be how it works though, and it’s technically not a big enough problem to bother fixing.

It’s not the most powerful unit but could get the work done for simple works depending what else is running on the system simultaneously.

It’s still hard to tell what is causing it without seeing it. The different stabilizer settings work the way that the pen has to move a bit before it starts drawing, depending on the mode. I recommend reading the manual I linked, I linked directly to the pen smoothing modes

Screenshots or even a screen recording showing the issue would be helpful.