Brush line thickness question

hey, hope you all are doing ok in these strange times. i dowloaded Krita a few days ago and am navigating my way around, def will be donating to these guys as it seems a really nice piece of work and getting it free has saved me having to get steamrollered into a monthly subscription for another art package - that i won’t name.

after quite a few hours of searching i just can’t figure out how to get my brush line to change with my wacom pen pressure. i managed to get it to run thin to thick and have sorted the opacity no problem, but i can only get the line to run thin to thick, not back to thin again at the end of the stroke , even though i’m easing off the pressure. anyone able to help out with this?


There are several ‘simple’ default brushes called b) Basic … which can be used to check and try pressure variation response. These are listed in the Brush Presets docker.

The b) Basic-5 Size brush preset should give you only size variation with pressure so can you try that and see how it works for you.

The b) Basic-2 Opacity brush preset gives only opacity variation with pressure. etc.

Which brush presets have you been using?

Have you been trying to create your own custom/personal brush preset using the Brush Editor?

thanks for the reply, Ahab. yep, that’s the brush i’ve been working with - basic 5. i’ve gone and messed around with the size and flow options for the brush and turned on pen mode but it just won’t work. now i can’t even get some of the other options going on it, such as fade. it’s been pretty glitchy since i installed it so i think i’m going to reinstall Krita and the tablet and see if that will fix it. maybe Krita didn’t communicate properly with the tablet on initial download.

thanks again for your help.


Which version of krita and which operating system are you using?

You don’t need to reinstall krita, just a restart should restore the original brush properties, unless you did Overwrite, in which case even a restart and reinstall won’t change it back.

If you haven’t put any major time and effort into making your own collection of personal brushes or imported lots of cool bundles to use, it may be a good idea to delete the personal resources folder which is called ‘krita’ and is in the Roaming subfolder of your App Data folder (assuming you use Windows). That will undo any of those changes you made, along with any other stuff you made.

When you get it going after that, try the Basic Opaciy brush. If it works then there is nothing wrong with your drawing tablet.

After that, it’s a case of learning how to use the Brush Editor and not overwriting any of the default brushes.

If you have problems then get back with more information and ideally with fullscreen screenshots showing the brush editor window and canvas images that illustrate the problem.