Brush stabilizer moves exponentially away from pen.

Type of device* : drawing tablet (no lcd)
Brand and version of the device: Gaomon 1230
System** : Win10

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots): Trying to use the brush smoothing stabilizer with any brush places the line at an exponential distance from the actual pen tip. Works fine with just a mouse input but thats not ideal.

Attached is a gif showing the movement.

Which version of Krita?

4.4.8, downloaded today.

Hello and welcome,

Do you have the driver of your Tablet installed?
Do you have any scaling on Windows above 100%? (Maybe you have a 1440p or 4k screen)
If you have scaling On then it is mostly likely the culprit, and we can work on it.

Another possibility is that changing the input method in Krita could resolve the issue. If you have your Driver installed then here what you can do, go to:
Settings β†’ Configure Krita β†’ Tablet settings
Change the input from Wintab to Windows 8+ (Windows Ink) (Or vice-versa)
Close Krita

On your Driver application change the input to match the one in Krita. Like this:

  • If Krita has Wintab β†’ Gaomon Program has Windows Ink unchecked
  • If Krita has Windows 8+ (Windows Ink) β†’ Gaomon Program has the Windows Ink checked

Let’s know how it is going.

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Swapping from wintab resolved it, Thank you very much

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Great! Glad this solved the issue.

Cheers and glad painting.