Brush Stroke Has Dots Randomly Spaced Along It

I changed settings on the stabilization control panel. I then adjusted pressure sensitivity for the basic pen. The stabilization was working fine but after I changed the sensitivity, I was working and these dots randomly started appearing on the line I was drawing. My distance is currently at 3.0 and my delay is 2 px. I messed around with these settings and the dots remained. I turned OFF the all stabilizer settings and then I only had dots. No line, just dots scattering around my cursor.

Does anyone understand what is happening and how I can fix it? does It by chance have anything to do with Krita amplifying my tablet’s pressure settings, and now everything is even more touchy? This is extremely frustrating as I am working on line art, and I need a taper but also a smooth line (without random dots). Hopefully the picture is able to help a bit.

New Krita Artist

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Hi, Wacom tablet? Have a look here

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Are you using version 4.2.8 on Windows 10?
Following the link provided by @mco above, you should make sure that your Wacom driver settings have been adjusted properly, setting up a separate profile for krita in the tablet driver control utility. Creating a separate profile for krita has often fixed people’s tablet problems with Wacom tablets.

When you’re sure the tablet is working as noted by your tablet driver control utility, use the krita tablet tester, Settings -> Configure Krita -> Tablet tester -> Open Tablet tester, and draw on the grid. You’ll need to move and resize that tester window to make it conveniently large and usable. The right side panel should show pressure P=xy.z% readings from 00.0% to 100.0% as you vary the stylus pressure. The grid on the left should show a line with no positional glitches.

Unless and until you get good results in krita’s tablet tester, there’s no point looking further inside krita to solve any tablet/stylus problems.

Sorry, I’m using a Deco 1 V2 drawing tablet. It works perfectly fine in Blender and other pressure sensitive drawing programs, so I was surprised to see this problem arise in Krita. The test lines are smooth and clean in the custom brush area of Krita, as well as every other program I’ve used. That was why I suspected the issue was with my software instead of my tablet.

This may sound stupid, but I am using my tablet on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Aside from this the pressure works fine on the other programs I have.

I apologize for not including this previously. If anymore information is needed don’t hesitate to let me know.

When you say “… the custom brush area of Krita, …”, do you mean the scratchpad area of the Brush editor?

What results do you get from the tablet tester?

Yes. Scratchpad works perfect. I’m not sure how to read the tablet tester. It basically just showed my mouse path by mapping the affected pixels. No pressure variations or anything is visible, but I don’t know if it’s supposed to. My tablet is not listed under the supported tablets list yet parts of the tablet still work fine (pressure and angle). Does that list only show the tablets whose bugs can be fixed, and my tablet might work but the bugs cant be fixed?

Do you mean that you used your mouse with the tablet tester or that using the stylus+tablet with the tablet tester gave the same results as using a mouse ?

No I used my pen

The left half of the tablet tester has a grid, on which you draw. The right half has a recording of the signals that are received from the tablet as you draw. These are the X,Y position values and a P= pressure value (and a B=1 value that is the equivalent of a left mouse click).

Have you tried swapping between Windows8+Pointer and Wintab?

Have you tired reinstalling your tablet drivers?