brush stroke tapering without pressure sensitivity - send help

okay, so i use krita on my pc. as in a gaming pc with a 10-point touch monitor, not a wacom tablet, or anything with pressure sensitivity input capabilities. and that makes drawing things like hair (or really anything at all) difficult, as i can’t vary the size and just have these awful stinky round lines.

i have managed to do a bit of work using speed instead of pressure to vary the stroke size, but it tapers it very strangely (the first part of the stroke is fat, then it drops off to tiny instead of tapering. does this regardless of speed).

please, i beg you, tell me how you people do this if any of you don’t use pressure sensitivity!!! my lineart is suffering ;-;

Watching this. I too have a gaming computer with a touch screen monitor.

I know my answer will be annoying, but it look like the option you have is to play a lot with the size on the top.

Using speed to control brush size has all sorts of problems. It has poor scaling and is not at all controllable or repeatable.

If you were painting strands of hair, I’d suggest using Distance to control brush size and then adjust the transfer curve shape to get the thinning out at the ends. Then adjust the distance max value for different lengths of hair.

There is another way using Assistants and snapping to Assistants but that is only suitable for a small number of definite lines/curves because of all the setup work you need to do.

Can you post a screenshot of the type of work you’re doing?

I know nothing about your situation but second hand Wacom and Huion tablets are available on eBay at good prices. That’s how I got my Wacom tablet.

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so yes, i have tried distance before as well, and to no avail.

i’ve adjusted the curves and numbers and everything i could possibly find, and nothing. i haven’t tried assistants but i assumed that like you mentioned it would be extremely time consuming for things like hair.

i don’t have any projects that properly show what i’m referring to, but it’s mostly in terms of any sort of lines where i’m not wanting round/square ends to my strokes (so essentially everywhere). i see videos of people working in programs like procreate and photoshop doing drawing with ease and having their lines come out looking so beautiful, and mine are such a struggle! especially drawing hair, as i have yet to do so without it looking like i have no idea what i’m doing (i dont!).

i’m looking into getting a secondhand tablet as well, but i would really like to find a way to do it with my pc’s monitor as i invested in a special stand and touchscreen monitor for this purpose >_<

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For speed, you’ve managed to get the full range of size and as you can see, it’s not easy to control

For distance you have Repeat enabled and the Length is too low.
That is why you have repeating tapered blobs.
The also get fatter from left to right, so you need to adjust the curve so they go thinner.

Do they do that with a finger touch monitor?
If they do, they’re probably using a specially adjusted distance or time controlled brush.
You can also use Time to control a brush parameter.
Fade seems to be the same as Distance and I’ve no idea why they’re two separate things.

i usually see people say they’re using an iPad pro or wacom tablet, but I would tend to think there’s still an efficient way to taper strokes without pressure sensitivity. :confused: I’ll try your suggestions, thanks a bunch!