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I was looking at another new bundle by the prolific @RamonM who was asking @raghukamath if there was a place to share his bundle and I thought it would be nice to have a resource library section on this site.
it could standardize the way a bundle is presented. A little search engine could be added…

Yes, in the end, it would look like but instead of fonts, it would display painting presets and brush tips…

The craziest thing would be to be able to dynamically compose a bundle for download by adding brushes or even bundles on the fly…


+1 Awesome idea! Always problems with downloading, as am unable to use google; seems blocked, despite briefly tried without add-ons. I don’t use google/dropbox accounts etc, but was able to download a bundle last time because of kindly a dropbox link being posted. Have just needed to ask Ramon for a dropbox link. Having bundles downloadable directly from the forum would really be helpful.

That will probably not happen, because of the costs of the traffic.
Okay, one could host all bundles at a place outside the forum, on one single file hosting service, but can everybody access the chosen service then?
Next question is, who will take care of this, who will maintain this?


I’d meant more directly via the forum, rather than e.g. hosted on google; should have worded it better. I don’t know otherwise, but it’s great that this is being brought into discussion. Easy enough to poll places anyone has problems downloading from (google, in my case)? Direct dropbox links, for example, which AhabGreybeard has been so kind as to post twice now, work perfectly, so that could be an idea also? Does anyone have a problem with direct dropbox links, and who wants to have the bundles in their dropbox and occasionally add a link, or do people prefer to individually add a dropbox link when they post a bundle? What do you suggest that could ensure everyone can access bundles easily?

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My answer with the cost reference concerns the forum. Who is going to pay for that, the traffic? You’re damned to use these file hosts. With file hosts, you are not charged for the traffic there, and nothing happens to you as long as you don’t violate copyright.

Choosing the “perfect file host for everyone” can quickly become a story with a very long rat tail.
For example, a few months ago, a user from a country where apparently a lot of things are filtered or blocked asked me for a file, Google and Dropbox are blocked in his home country. This user had additionally, for self-protection, secured his PC very strongly (some might call it paranoid, but it’s all a matter of point of view). I uploaded this file to 5 different services until we found a service he could use.

So if you really want to do something like this, you should choose a bigger service to eliminate the cost factor (Google, Dropbox, Onedrive, Ufile, Mega…) and for users who are blocked from accessing this service one can look for a suitable “island solution”, there is always someone like @AhabGreybeard or me who is willing to work around such an obstacle, even if it takes some time, I have the ambition to find a solution for it, to cheat the blockers (even if I can’t be involved here very much at the moment, because of health).
The thing is that you will always find someone who can’t use something or even doesn’t want to use something because they don’t like the platform they are using (I’ve experienced this too).


Just throwing out ideas so maybe you can enlighten me:

The idea would be for users to maintain it by uploading and updating their bundles over there? A kind of YouBrush if you will? Then maintenance would be minimal.

About bandwidth…
Makes me curious to know how things are managed for krita which is 200+ MB and downloaded millions of times?

I’ve no idea but if I approximate things, let’s say a medium bundle is 2MB, then we could download 100 bundles equivalently to 1 Krita binary? If that was the case I suppose the traffic would not be that impacting on whoever is handling the Krita binaries traffic?

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The idea is good and I would want a repository for plugins, brushes etc and from where we can download stuff directly from inside Krita something akin to what clip studio paint does. the team had tried to check out the opendesktop store here - Krita Resource Bundles -, which didn’t take off properly.

The centralized repository for resources and other stuff is there on the radar of the team I think. something akin to blender cloud for example. @halla can give you proper answer in terms of roadmap or plan for it.

As for making it a part of the forum, we use discourse software for hosting this forum, with some plugins to add the image gallery feature. Adding this feature while possible is beyond my expertise.

And regarding the traffic bandwidth and disk resources, the forum is not under KDE infrastructure, I and @coding_coffee fund and run it personally.


It’s a matter of less than a minute (depending on file size) for me to upload a bundle to my Dropbox and get the link to it and I have no problem helping out in cases where help is needed.

However, for long term and reliable storage then it’s not a good idea to use private/personal cloud storage accounts because that relies on the person concerned keeping them going.

Also, if it was widely ‘advertised’ that a particular bundle/collection was available from a personal (and free) Dropbox then the resulting download bandwidth hit might cause limiting or even sanctions against the user.

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Is better for you something like this?
Or is better this?

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I have not experienced anything like this with Google, Dropbox and Ufile, neither with friends nor with me(*). With Onedrive and Mega there are supposed to have been limitations, but I only know this from hearsay, I myself have not yet been imposed any restrictions, so I can neither confirm nor deny this.

@RamonM, for me this makes no difference, the content behind these addresses will be the same, but maybe others would prefer the first option because it is shorter and looks neat?


(*) I have, by offering complete virtual machines, occasionally caused traffic in the petabyte range, especially if you offer something freshly updated the accesses shoot up explosively.

I know both contents are the same in the links i was testing the length. So ok. I prefer the first one too.
I was testing that bacause some people are not using google drive, no problem with that, and i would like to help.
Of course i give permission to upload to krita extras if is requested @raghukamath

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@raghukamath great to know there are ideas bouncing around. Have to just make a note that not keen about resources behind a cloud account, if I’ve got it right that blender cloud requires that.

@AhabGreybeard totally agree; last thing want is your bandwidth hit or any sanctions

@RamonM these links work perfectly! Thank you.

The benefit of an account could be like Clip, which shows the brushes and assets you previously downloaded.

If not exposiing versions of the bundle (like tags and releases) I think the simpler and human friendlier the better.


I was actually really thinking of making one myself. I’d be happy to host such a website. I was thinking of making a portfolio-like filter design

Like this: FLATR - One Page Resume & Portfolio HTML Template by themeelite | ThemeForest

Scroll down to the portfolio there are filter by tags that changes what cards are shown

I was thinking of using or to seed the torrent files

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Anyone have some basic web design skills that may want o help me make a brush library site?

I was thinking of using this template: dcResponsive - : Thèmes pour Dotclear

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