Brushes in krita

what is your favorite brush in krita that you all use? :grinning:

I suspect you’ll get a million answers to that…so many brushes…but…

I think I have used Pencil-2 most along with a variation on Chalk Grainy…


ooh that nice brush, honestly I haven’t gotten many answers yet.
But your right there too many brushes to choose from. :upside_down_face:

May fave brushes are mostly modified version of basic brush.

My fav and most use painting brush - i named ink soft flow / is i think it was the circle eraser brush with added flow dynamic and modified curve. I have colored anything from realistic cats , food, to anime with that brush.

for sketching i have many sketching brush so i dont have fav there its depend on my mood.

for inking i have a new fav , its the leaky brush / i recently made mimicking one of the image saw in my twitter feed. [You’ll see my experiments in my sketchbook in the wip area]

my old fav brush is dirty blocker. :joy:

lately I’m enjoying making my own. I like using Muses’'Brush bundle and tweaking the Muse 04 01 oilpastel brush.

While using a mouse it is rhe airbrush and leaf brush. May change my mind later though…

ahhh… interesting. What your favorite sketching brush right now for your mood today?

never heard of that brush pack but now I definitely have to check it out

yeah I can’t blame yeah for changing your mind, it so easy to find new favorite brush

a 75% basic round with higher starting point in the size dynamic and about 60-80% flow dynamic.
good for quick rough sketches.

So you don’t have to search forever, you can get the Muses bundle in the Krita store, or directly on GumRoad.

My favorite brushes are basic-1 and basic-5 size and airbrushes.


awesome and noted :memo:

Thank you so much for the link, :upside_down_face:

and nice options for favorite brushes

These three at the moment:

custom sketchbrush
qs_b_ribbonpen by quiralta Quiralta's SM Brush Set -
smearing brush based on krita5_prototype_4 by wojtryb Krita 5 beta is finally OUT! | free brushes for testing - YouTube


the Baphiste bundle has some nice brushes:
Dropbox - baphiste_brushes_v-1-1.bundle - Simplify your life

I really like the slanted pen to ink with.

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nice :blush:

thats really cool :upside_down_face: