[BUG] Brush tags showing brushes with the wrong tag

I noticed this problem with the previous version of krita as well. When I do something involving creating a new tag or overwriting brushes, the brushes under each of the tags seem to be mismatched for some reason. Closing and reopening krita fixes it. The brush docker itself shows the right brushes under the right tags but I normally don’t use the brush docker. Let me know if you need more info.


Krita resource management is being rewritten for over a year, taking most of the developers time. It have to be replaced at once in one update (krita 5.0.0), so there is no need of fixing bugs in this area, as both those bugs and fixes will be gone as the code is replaced.
Thank you for your time, and care, but I guess there is no need to report this, or any other bug (and there are a lot of them) related to resources and tags :slight_smile:


okay thanks

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Finding this thread really helped! Being new to using Krita, I had some trouble finding this answer + solution. I wasn’t really sure what to search for.
Hopefully some of these keywords below help others to find this answer.
It was relieving to know that it was just a bug that will be fixed in the future, and not my own failure of using the program. :sweat_smile: It’s such an important feature to have break/be buggy so I’m sure many new users will be as confused as me when they get around to settling in with brushes…

my favorites tag
custom tags
tags not working
tags not saving
brush organization
tag management
renaming tags
deleting tags
saving tags

There was also some really good discussions + ideas concerning this feature in this thread! +how to make it work for you in the meantime :slight_smile: