[Bug] Canvas only mode (Solved)

For some reason when I switch to canvas only mode in Krita the full screen is also activated.

This bug started in the prealpha bf0cf11357 and is also present in today’s stable release.

I have reported this bug a long time ago. Ignored. This must more than 5 years old now.

I think this depends on if canvas only mode has Titlebar set to hidden in settings->configure krita-> canvas-only settings -> Titlebar. If its checked krita will go fullscreen. Can you make sure you have it unchecked?.

There was actually a bug before where Krita wouldn’t properly read this option. So it never went fullscreen regardless of if this was enabled/disabled. That was fixed this week I think which is probably why the behavior is different for you now.

Do you have a link to your bug report? I can probably take a look.

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On my phone I don’t have any links now only later I am gonna sleep.

If I recall if you installed krita and used the commands it would work correct but after using one of the command once the other would trigger both every time. Reinstalling would make it work again until the other was pressed again but that was on a old version but I guess is still valid.

But as usual on the bug tracker it is only an optical illusion of mine. It is nice to see other people finding them too.

Oh I didn’t know that :frowning:

I hadn’t noticed this, that was the problem, as this had never happened to me, I didn’t think it was one of the canvas-only mode options.