Bugs: Brushes got spikes

I screen record the problem but i dont know how to put video here. Anyone can show me how to put video here? I put just picture to give my point for now.

The problem is that the watercolour brushes that come with krita give that long stroke up or down when my brush stroke doesnt go that way.

Also i found 2 of the brushes that the recent krita user that gave psd like brush, also acted that way.

I have no experience of using the screen recorder but you need ffmpeg and an export to WebM would be good, with a maximmum file size of 3MB for posting on the forum.

I don’t see anything like that when using 5.0.0 or 5.0.2.
Can you try the Basic-5 Size brush preset with brush size set to 350px and paint some strokes with medium to high pressure, varying along the stroke?
I’m wondering if you have noise on the pressure signal from your tablet.

Except these 4 brushes, all watercolour from this set are having those brush spikes.

The basic-5 size is functioning well. Only those brushes and the 2 brushes from krita user that recently gave psd like brushes that i experienced the brush bugs.

Actually these brush spikes has been going on since krita 5 beta 1

I tested in pc and have no problem (but i only use mouse to test it) so i guess its android stylus problem? @sh-zam

Then it’s not a stylus pressure problem because that would show on all pressure sensitive brushes, especially for size variation which is easy to see.

A list of the names of those particular brushes would be very useful for the developers.

An earlier report would have been good but at least you’re giving one now :slight_smile:

You need to test with a stylus to see stylus pressure problems.

I didn’t realise this was Android. Is it a specific tablet stylus or have you connected an extenal graphics tablet?

I wasn’t able to reproduce this on my tablet with S-pen. Can you share the video (maybe by uploading it to google drive)? The spikes look like something which could be caused if you have touch painting enabled, is it the case?

Ok so its embarassing to say but after i got my wacom one pen to replace my spen, this problem does not occur anymore. Which is weird cause last time on krita 5 beta1 it happens but not in 4.4.5. So i thought it was krita 5 problem, but i just check it now and suddenly everything goes normal.

I also found bugs that i posted in other place but ill sumarise here again just in case you did not see: @sh-zam

  1. I cannot rename layers name. Double clicked it and keyboard come out but cant type on it. When i click backspace, it just make the layer paint black.

  2. The touch docker doesnt hide when canvas mode on and in setting i put docker and toolbar hidden during canvas mode. And obviously during the canvas mode on, the touch docker cant function. (How to trigger: When i first open the touch docker, it can hide during canvas on, but when i resize it or move it during canvas off, that when the problem occur.)

  3. When krita crash and i turn it on again, the workspace got reset. (Not sure if this considered a bug or not)

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I’ve replied in that thread :slight_smile: