Build Krita fron the source in Arch Linux

I have troubled built from the source code due to the dependency issue.

Install missing depenedcy in pacman.
The AUR page shows the cmake required package, you can add missing depency based on the link below.

if you see the terminal output when it starts building it will show you which packages are missing.

The one issue is whether one should install python dependencies through pip or through the distro package manager.

I have pip install sip 6.0 for the project, but there is still a package import error during the build.

Install these dependency through pacman solves my issues

I am on arch linux and these are the dependencies I have -

kitemviews kitemmodels ki18n kcompletion kguiaddons kcrash qt5-svg qt5-multimedia quazip gsl libraw exiv2 openexr fftw giflib openjpeg2 hicolor-icon-theme extra-cmake-modules kdoctools boost eigen vc poppler-qt5 opencolorio python-pyqt5 libheif qt5-tools sip4 python-sip4 kseexpr opencolorio krita-plugin-gmic kseexpr kimageformats

Can you paste the terminal output here?