Call for Art Pros volunteers - Plugins Development

Hello, I am YetAnotherPainter and my focus is to make assets that reduce the trouble for creators. Now my focus is plugins for Krita.

My goal is to make plugins that professionals may benefit the most. To achieve that I call for professionals who use Krita in their jobs. Simply put, if you earn money with Krita then this call is for you :slight_smile:

What will you get. Access to paid plugins that I develop for free. In return I seek feedback from you. If you are interested please contact me in any way listed here: Contact – Yet Another Painter or just hit me straight on this platform.

When texting me, please also share your portfolio. I will not reply without it. Sorry in advance :frowning:

The deal is simple. I give you my plugins, you give me feedback and feature requests :slight_smile:

P.S. To mods. It might be possible that this post is not appropriate here, so it can be removed without worries :slight_smile:


I’m not really concerned because I’m not a professional and I’m able to code my own plugin if I need.

But I may misunderstood something and I’m curious.

You propose to create free plugins for professional only and not for everyone?


I see :slight_smile: let me clear things out.
I am looking for potential users for paid plugins that I intend to develop.

For that I suggest collaboration with artists. :slight_smile:
In other words I code, artists use and give a feedback.

Those artists who collaborate with me get free copies of the plugins.

Oh ok, it’s more clear now

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Just to inform you, you may already know this, I think the plugin need to be GPL too. Of course you can sell it without any issue. But I thought that you should take this point into consideration while planing this.

Hm… Wait a second.
The Krita license itself constraints me to set GPL for plugins I develop?

I read about it. I’ll ping @halla for clarification. I think it is the same for blender too.

Yes. That’s because when developing a plugin, you use Krita API, and Krita API is GPL (and we can’t make it LGPL or anything, because it uses PyQt, which is GPL for us). Blender has the same issue but there are still successful paid plugins though.

I think it deserves a separate topic

I am encouraging to continue discussing it there :slight_smile:


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