Call for Krita sticker and tshirt designs

Krita Sprint 2020 is approaching fast and along with sprint we would also be participating in this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting.

Since a bunch of us would be present at the same time, we would like to promote Krita as much as we can. We have planned for having Tshirts and Stickers for the participants. But for that we need some new designs first. Everyone is welcome to submit their designs.

The designs should be submitted by the last week of April so that @boud get enough time to get them printed and they should be licensed with CC-BY-SA.

Here is the corresponding Phabricator task.


You can use the design i did for the Youtube Channel if you want. Is the same i wear in the videos. i can provide the SVG file if needed

or this one


Doesn’t the black and white image look like a scythe when you look at it first? I mean it is nice, but I needed a bit of time to interpret it.

To where should i send that?

Either this thread or in the linked Phabricator Task.

I liked this little artwork:

But, I am not the artist. If you think it is worth considering, I can reach out to them and see if they would be interested at all.


you can use my fanart for those that are necessary

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