Calligrapy/Lettering Guidelines Vector Library.

Hello. So a friend of mine (Instagram: obby.wan) designed a bunch of guidelines to be used in Krita for lettering/calligraphy purposes. I helped him turn his works into Vector Symbols so it could be used in Krita as Vector Library.

If you haven’t changed your Krita Resources directory, I made a simple shell command for Linux users to install these symbols from the terminal:

curl -o $HOME/.local/share/krita/symbols/Lettering\ Grid.svg

Or if you changed your Krita Resources directory or using another operating system, you can simply download the svg file and put the file in ‘symbols’ directory inside your Krita resources folder.

How does this looks like?
Here’s another friend (Instagram: herbanu_three) testing some of the guidelines on his KDE Neon:


I will be very thankful if any of you care enough to test this and give some insights and suggestions!