Can I edit a closed topic?

I wanted to edit this topic, adding some more links. Is this allowed or not?

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I think as long as you add information or correct mistakes, this is always fine. However, one should not change the overall message of a post when editing afterwards.
Let’s hear what @raghukamath has to say about it.


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Some post gets closed automatically after certain period of time is elapsed since last reply. We adopted this mechanism to stop people from resurrecting old thread which are most of the time irrelevant. For example a person will comment on a year old thread which is already discussed and come to close with their question or some irrelevant comment. This triggers notification email to all those who participated in the thread.

Here that is not the case you want to update the topic with new links but due to the automated closing the system has closed it. I can open the topic and give it to you or you can edit the topic if you have the required trust level. Or better you can reference by giving a link of the old thread and create a new one with the new links

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I was only going to post two links, however they are interesting, the images are worth it. It took me this long because my topic on another forum had a lot of stuff, but not everything could be used here… and I also had to check if the links still worked properly.

How do we do it then?

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I opened the topic for you. Check if you can edit the first post.

Thanks! I just posted it there. :slight_smile: