Can I get an unsaved Krita file back?

I finished a piece of art but the directly saved it as a .png, I never saved it as a Krita file. I want to edit the art but can’t get the layers anymore. Is there anyway to convert it back to a Krita file with all the layers?

Check the folder you had your documents in. You may have a back-up save somewhere in there.

The option to back-up and autosave is on by default – although I dont know if you need to save as .kra at start for it to begin.


Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the backup file. I did find a way around my problem though!

If you want to know what is really going on with autosaves and backups, check: . The short version: if you don’t save your file and say “no” to Krita’s question whether you want to save your file when you quit Krita, you lose your work.

That’s not a bug in Krita, of course.