Can my laptop run krita ?

I have been using Krita for 2 months in gaming laptops but each time i used it it broke my laptops system
i don’t know if is the graphics or system each time i used it it lag my laptop and i don’t want to that happen
in my new laptop so i dont know if my laptop can run it i have a Yoga 7-15ITL5 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 82BJ I would like to know if it would work in my new laptop .

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The get a reliable/guaranteed answer I recommend you to ask Lenovo’s support.

I can hardly imagine that Krita broke your gaming machines.

Description is little bit terse…

Which OS?
Which version of Krita?
Which laptop? What are the characteristics (CPU, CG, Memory, …)
Did you take a look on task manager to try to see which processes are consuming CPU/Memory?
What do you mean exactly by “lag”?

You’re talking about a Yoga 7-15ITL5, but it seems this is your new laptop and you didn’t try Krita on it…
Looking configuration for this laptop, this is much better than what I have at home and than what I’ll be ever able to buy (a 1500~2000EUR for a laptop wow I’m jealous :star_struck:)

So, on which configuration do you use it?

You need to be more precise…