Can’t zoom in

Type of device: huion pro 13
Brand and version of the device: Up to date windows and krita

I couldn’t find someone with the same problem or a solution so I went to this form.

So basically my zoom function is broken. When I try to zoom with my slider it only works zooming out. My mouse works fine and the slider works fine in other applications. In Krita though it only works to zoom out not in. I’ve tried updating my computer, closing and re opening the program, turning off and on my tablet, and resetting my pc. Nothing, what’s weird is it was working fine before suddenly doing this.

Any suggestions? I really wanna use my tablet but don’t wanna have to keep using my mouse to zoom.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ll assume you mean the slider control on your Huion.
Did it ‘suddenly’ stop working while you were painting with an image in krita, or the next time you used krita, or the next time you restarted your PC and used krita?

In the Huion setup/config utility, are there any settings you can check or reset?

Can you try unistalling the Huion drivers, then restart your PC then reinstall the drivers for the Huion, then restart your PC (all with the Huion disconnected before you reconnect it)? Ideally you’d go to the Huion website and check for any updated drivers for your model.

Have you installed or updated any software such as anti-virus/security or sandbox facilities? Have you got any new hardware that required a driver to be installed, such as a fancy gaming mouse or controller?

There is a problem with zoom in shortcut because it’s usually written as ctrl++, but on some keyboard layouts, for example mine (“Polish programmers”), to get + you need to press shift+=, so the shortcut becomes ctrl+shift+=, not ctrl+=, as you could assume. So maybe you just need to change it in Huion driver or in Krita settings to use ctrl+= instead of ctrl++ (or the other way around).

The default zoom shortcuts in krita are plain ‘-’ and ‘=’. No modifiers.

It stopped working while drawing.

I did what you said and reset Krita settings, reinstalled the drivers and reset my computer. Nothing happened.

While I did get drivers for a controller this did not interfere as Krita worked fine after getting those for multiple days.

Thanks for the suggestions but I’m afraid none of these worked.

Okay just tried that, it works for keyboard but on tablet the slider is unchanged. Tried it both on number pad and keyboard. Wouldn’t work on the tablet, only keyboard.

Tried all those and no good. Only worked on keyboard and not tablet

I have the same tablet and I am dealing with this problem i know this was posted 9 months ago but if you see this i don’t have a fix but i have something that can help. Just hit the last button on the tablet and it will switch what the slider does to brush size if you hit it again it switches to a different type of zoom that zooms to where the curser is. In my opinion its annoying but is better then nothing sorry if you already knew this or found a solution.


:slight_smile: Hello @Sateol and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thank you for telling others about your way to deal with this problem. You can’t solve every problem, sometimes it just has to be a detour, a workaround to reach your goal.