Cannot click after switching application focus with pen side button

Type of device* : Pen display
Brand and version of the device: Wacom Cintiq 16 DTK-1660
System** : Windows10Home ver.2004+ 2-in-1 laptop /w AES stylus + Wacom driver 6.3.42-2 + Krita 4.4.2 using Win-tab

* graphics tablet/display tablet/2-in-1 laptop/Android tablet
** Windows/Linux/Mac/Android, + version (you’ll find it in Help -> Show system information for bug reports)

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):
Procedure to reproduce the issue.

  1. Open Firefox on primary display and Krita on secondary display (Cintiq)
  2. Set focus on Firefox
  3. Move a pointer on Krita by Wacom stylus and push lower side button
  4. Circle menu appears, pointer disappears, any button/ click are not recognized


  • In step 4, stylus should work as zoom mode ( I assigned zoom function to lower side-button in Krita window by Wacom Tablet Property. But the setting is ignored).
  • The behavior showing circle menu is assigned to AES stylus for primary display. (probably, application-specific pen settings are not switched by only pointer position. change of focus seems to be necessary to switch setting ) (<-EDIT: add info)
  • In step 4, not only Krita does not respond to click/button, Firefox also does not respond.

To recover from this condition

  1. Using Alt-Tab, switch application focus
  2. Click mouse Left/Right button
  3. repeat 1 & 2 a few times.

How can I solve?

EDIT: add the information about the condition when the issue occurs