Cannot reply and prompt "Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?"

When I was trying to reply a post using Chinese, the website prompted

Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

and won’t let me submit the post.

The post was this one: Are there any Chinese developer in your team?

It was originally:


I added the @ user and two spaces before and after “QQ” to make it work.

Can we look into this problem? I think there are people who got denied to post because of this.

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Yes there is a system check to discourage spammers, and I believe this designed towards english language. I’ll check if it reported in upstream forum software. Or we have to disable this spam check feature

Okay I have disabled the entropy checks for title and body. I have also removed some more restrictions which may cause issues with local languages. Let us hope this doesn’t get misused by english language users :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have this issue again

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Thank you!