Can't download Krita 4.4.8 Windows Portable 64-bit

Hey guys,

I trying to download the mobile/portable windows client but the download is very slow 4 to 10 kb/s and all time the download cancels after some minutes. Is there maybe a trustworthy mirror download or somebody could provide me the client please? I can’t use the installer version on my computer.


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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This link is working fine for me right now:
and I downloaded it within a minute.

You may have tried when it was having a ‘slow moment’.
Apparently, it uses anyway.
This may vary depending on where you are.

Thanks for the link, still the same problem. I am located in Brazil in the state of Sao Paulo and using a 200 mbit fiber connection. Maybe this is the problem. I try VPN.

You probably got assigned a very slow mirror, seems there is only one for all of South America.
You can pick another mirror manually if you go to the directory listing and click on the “Details” next to the file you want to download:

Now I got it from US with full bandwidth, thanks alot :ok_hand:

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Brazilian users can’t download 4.4.8 at all through the main website.

The download link is

It’s hosted by the Universidade Federal do Paraná (Federal University of Paraná), but it doesn’t seem to have enough bandwidth to handle being a mirror. Perhaps the main website should offer a secondary download link in case the automatic mirror doesn’t work.

Edit: apparently you can get to an alternative download link if you click “having trouble downloading?” in the after-download page, navigate to the 4.4.8 directory, go to the 4.4.8-setup.exe file and, instead of clicking the filename, click “details,” to go a page with a map where you have a list of mirrors and then, instead of clicking the first download link, you click the second download link and then it works.

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I’ve notified kde’s sysadmins of the problems with the mirror.