Can't edit brush settings?

I went to add in some photoshop brushes / tweak what I already made, and I can’t. If I hover over the brush settings icon it says ‘Edit Brush Settings’, but clicking does nothing. I didn’t see this being removed in the release notes for 4.2.8, so is there a workaround or is this a bug?

Are you by any chance in a Full screen mode?

Nope, standard workspace.

How strange…it fixed itself after a restart. I’ll keep an eye on this for when it “breaks” again and see if it’s a particular brush or setting I hit.

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Would be awesome, thanks!

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I experienced this today. Through experimentation I discovered that the ‘Edit Brush Settings’ menu does not open when any of the circled items in the image below is selected:

Posting here in case anyone else comes across this problem in the future.

Edit: Krita version 4.2.0 for Windows 10

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You’re right!! I just tested this and that is the case for me, too. It makes sense it doesn’t, now that you pointed it out.

I think ti should be that It doesn’t open whenever a non brush tool or a tool which can’t have brush outline is invoked. Although the 3 selection tool being left out is odd.


I think it would be nice if it was greyed out when you have selected a tool where it can’t be opened. So that people know that it won’t open with that tool

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I second this. It makes sense why you can’t use it and I’m 100% ok with that, but if it were grayed out, it would be a good visual cue to say ‘hey, these two tools don’t work together’.

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Please make a bug report on (it might be downgraded later to a wish, but it can stay as a bug too, not sure) so developers don’t forget about it.

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