Can't load art.

Hello, I can’t upload art on the forum. What should be done?

link to publication

What happens when you use the upload button? Is there an error message? I see that you have uploaded one image in your portfolio.

A window opens with the possibility of a picture on my device, I select art, the editor says processing and the name of the file that I am trying to download. nothing else changes.

I just dragged the screenshot here into the browser, tried to insert art there in this way again, it gives out the inscription “processing”

I wonder if something’s wrong with the forum - this looks like the same problem: It was a long trip.

@Sineater has been able to post images just fine before.

I used the same process I have always used and when that didn’t work I tried the drag and drop method but that didn’t work either. Bad forum!

Yes this is happening due to latest update, I have disable composer media optimisation I reloaded discourse now. Can you check uploading artwork now. In my test the issue is resolved.

Image credit - Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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Yes! Thank you for confirming. I have also edited your post to include the image.

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