Can't run Krita on my Surface

I’m using a 64 bit version of Windows 10 and an ARM based processor on a Surface Pro X.
I had been using Krita for a while on my Surface, but it started crashing a lot whenever I would try to insert an image or save a larger file (things I had been able to do before with no problems). I decided to try and redownload, when I noticed I was using a 32 bit version of Krita. I assumed this was the problem, but once I downloaded the 64 bit version, my Surface told me it couldn’t run the program. I’ve also tried the paid version from the Microsoft store and the portable 64 bit version with no luck. The only version that will even run for me is the 32 bit version, but that lags and crashes a lot and ends up deleting or messing up my artwork.
Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anyway to fix it?

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Can you take and post a screenshot of the Windows error message that tells you it can’t run the 64-bit application? (Or at least copy type the exact text of the error message.)

Have you tried running it as Administrator?

With the 32-bit version running, do Help → Show system information for bug reports, then copy-paste the entire contents of that window in a reply here.

That information may help someone who knows about this kind of situation.

Hi, i’ve read somewhere that 64bit x86 application can’t be emulated by the ARM processor (only 32bits apps). You have to use a native 64bit ARM application, i think it’s the case for the Apple M1 version of krita, so you can hope having such a version in the future for Krita :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Windows on Arm can only run 32 bit binaries. 64 bit binaries are out. And given that 32 bit binaries have some really serious memory constraints – the whole process can only use 2GB of ram – we’re phasing out 32 bit altogether.

In short, a Windows Arm system is probably not suited to running Krita – anything else that’s big and not a native build. And given how few Windows arm systems are out, I don’t think I want to spend the time making native Windows arm builds.

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