Cant seem to get the text tool to function at all

I try and use the text tool and literally nothing happens. No layer is created, no edit text box pops up, nothing. Even when I create a vector layer myself I am not able to insert text. I am very lost.

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How are you trying to use the text tool?
What’s supposed to happen is that you drag out a rectangle (a text box) on the canvas and that then gets some example text put into it and the text editor window opens up for editing the text.
For an existing text box, the simplest way to edit it is to click on it to select it then press Return/Enter to open up the text editor window.

I drag out the the text box and literally nothing happens. The text box will either be inert with no sample text and no text edit popup, or will disappear immediately after I let go of the mouse. I am sorry if I seem testy, I’m probably doing something stupid, but I have used the text tool before with no problems.

You don’t seem testy at all.
If you’ve used the text tool before with no problem, what’s different about the current sitution?
New computer, changed hardware, frehly installed/updated anti-virus/sandbox, new OS, new version of krita? etc?
Do other applications have any problem with text and do they show lots of available fonts and all work well?
Which version of krita and which OS are you using?

No new hardware, no new software it may be a new version of krita I’m not sure I haven’t updated it myself, I’m using windows 10 64 bit and krita version I restarted my computer this morning and am now able to generate a functional text box. However, even when setting the font to the smallest size just one letter takes up the whole canvas.

you are out of zoom.

Place the cursor over your pic and scroll your mouse wheel.

No Jeremiah I am not zoomed in too far.

It would be a very good idea to update to the latest currect version, 4.3.0, which has had many bug fixes since version

The fact that it ‘almost’ worked after a PC restart suggests something strange happening at the Windows system level.
Do other applications work with text and do they show the full range of fonts and correct text editing capability?

Can you post a full screen screenshot (.png) showing the Layers docker and the Tool Options docker when this is happening?

Thanks for deleting “are you kidding”. But fyi: I indeed was not joking.

As already suggested by others, load up some screenshots. Chances that a solution is found for your problem will increase through it.

I’ve updated krita and my os and the issue persists. I haven’t experienced issues with text in any other applications. This is screenshot taken of the text set to the smallest font 6.

In Image -> Properties, Dimensions tab, what is the ppi resolution?

If you make a copy of that .kra file and delete all the layers except for the vector text layer, does it still have the problem?
If so, can you upoad it to a file sharing service/website and post a download link?

Ok, I guess my resolution has something to do with it. For some reason my resolution was set to 9999 and when I created a new doc with a resolution of 1000 and tried to add text the text was significantly smaller though it did still take up the whole canvas. Is it common knowledge that resolution can affect text size, if so what resolution would you recommend I use, or is this still a bug?

If you intend to print it by a printhouse, then 300 ppi is usually sufficient.

Try this from Kritas menu:
File > New > Custom Document > Predefined ( on Dimensions Tab) > A4 300 ppi

If you then use the texttool, it should look fine.

In general I’d say everything above 600 ppi is beyond imagination.

The text point size is the physical size of printed output.
So, if you have two images of the same size in pixels, one with a ppi of 300 ppi and one of 9,999 ppi, the 9,999 ppi image will be much smaller when printed and so the text will have to occupy more of the canvas to have the correct physical size when it’s printed

… I am a newbie in digital painting as well.

Are you sure about the printing sizes? My understanding is different. Am I wrong???

In my understanding is the physical printing size of an A4 300 ppi and an A4 600 ppi the same, only the resolution differs.

May be I missunderstood sth.???

No you are not wrong, you are just talking about two separate things. Ahab talks about two images with the same amount of pixels. You about two images with the same physical size. Not the same. Two different things and you are both correct in your two different descriptions :grinning:

The other point to bear in mind is that I was specifically talking about text and the problem was about text and its appearance on a PC monitor and its size relationship to the rest of the image.

If you specify that you want 12 pt text then you are specifying a physical size, as printed on paper.

If you have a 2000 x 2000 pixel image that is zoomed to fill the screen and you put 12 pt text on it, how big will the text be on the screen?
Answer: It depends on the ppi resolution of the image.
How big will the text be when it’s printed?
Answer: it will be 12 pt.

EDIT:Add: The final answer assumes that the printing application is properly set up and configured and that you enter the correct values in the various numerical and option boxes. Also that the printer driver is properly set up and configured.
Printing is a magical mystery tour.

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Ah I see a more complex thing.

Thanks for explaining Ahab and Troken.

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