Can't upload

The site won’t let me upload my art. I did it just fine before but now whenever i try to upload something it just says “no byte order information found” why ? I mean i already uploaded art before.

I can upload images into the post editor without any error, Can you try different browser or clear your cache and check again?

Maybe i’m doing something wrong? worked fine last time though. i screen-recorded it, is there someplace i can send it? so you guys can see?
like discord or something ?

“No byte order information found” or “No BOM found” is a error typically seen when working with text files and editors which expect BOM for utf files, but sometimes when image files are not converted right too. Is your file in the correct format? Maybe it got renamed to png or jpg without actually converting it. Try opening your original KRA file and export it again to jpg or png and then upload that.

it is converted to the right format though. I’ve already posted it on multiple other sites that only allow for PNG and Jpg images. It just wont let me upload any image. no matter the format.

Can you make the file available via a file sharing service (website or personal Dropbox or whatever) so that someone can examine it and try it in a test area to see if they have the same problem?

yup. gonna do just that… in a couple of hours when i wake up.

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