Canvas won't stop rotating

My canvas has recently started just constantly rotating. It always jumps 15 degrees clockwise. It can be triggered by selecting a tool or a layer or anything on a side menu and then moving the mouse onto the canvas. If I click it happens right away, but if I don’t it seems to happen after the mouse travels a certain distance on the canvas. By this I mean, it won’t happen if I move the mouse onto the canvas and hold it still, but it will happen if I move it a short, but seemingly random, distance, even if I just wiggle the mouse back and forth in place.

It also happens if I open and close anything on the top menu (file, edit, image).

It happens with any image I have.

So far I can stop it by opening and closing the program, but it keeps coming back.

This started happening when my son was sitting on my lap and randomly flailing on the keyboard. I was letting him doodle and figured he couldn’t do any harm on a blank canvas, maybe I was wrong?

Could you check if the 6 key is “hanging” a bit, both the one above the normal letter keyboard and the one in the numeric keypad of the keyboard.


Good suggestion, but the 6 key does not seem to be in an unusual position, and I’m not getting any unwanted 6s in word documents.

Just to make sure, do you have another keyboard you can try in place of the existing one?

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