Casual girl - critique welcome

(Korean fashion model ref)

Previously the shapes were a bit overcomplicated so this time I changed it to just a few big shapes, I added a bit of shade over to show different tones but still avoiding smooth shading - I’m leaving it for later. Eventually I want to push for this kind of grayscale though with more smoother transitions and developed forms but for now I’m trying to go simple to get more practice without overloading the pictures.

I think it worked out better than the previous one, everything looks more easily distinguishable hopefully.

I wonder if I simplified things too much or not, I think it’s ok for this kind of picture but at this point I would be ok with anything so I’d appreciate your opinions on this.

Goal is to get to something similar to what you might know from digital manga styles.

The previous one for comparison: Started learning inking - critique welcome

Thank you!