Challenge: use this brush to make a reptile

it doesnt need to be only that brush. i added some strokes using scales from the fizzyflower essential pack.

the brush is named: v) Texture Impressionism WPattern-Scales
(because i used the impressionism wetpattern as base)


I think this topic would fit better into Art Games & Duels, what do you mean, and should we move it there?

And thank you for the bundle!


oops i moved it, i have priviledge now :slight_smile:
i think it was because i opened a different draft. meant to post in artgames…


moved what tachiko?

I tried. But I’m not melding well with it XD.

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not bad: I like to use blend modes on layers and clone the first layer and change both layer blend modes.
also i will draw big strokes and then erase parts i dont like or that is outside the shape (i end up erasing alot). maybe make strokes in individual layers erase edges then merge to combine strokes


ey, that was nice wow.

Fun fun brush, and fun fun challenge; here is the result of my playful short session trying the brush.


wow, i like how you layered the scales. the way you applied the strokes almost looks like you used 3 variations of the same brush

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A dragon, yes, here is mine :rofl:


I love the smoke! Really cool piece, thanks for participating

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Thank you :sun_with_face: