Changes in featured image and artwork gallery

Due to a substantial amount of changes going in the development of a plugin that we use (Topic List preview) and discourse. There may be some minor changes in the website layout in the first week of June. We are also expecting some maintenance and upgrade activity during this period. The current version of the plugin is broken for featured images this will hopefully be sorted out during the first week of june.

P.S. this another reason we don’t use many plugins to add features. it adds a lot of complexity during upgrades.


I’ve been having a problem with the artwork section for a week or so. When I open it the layout of images often doesn’t expand - they remain all bunched up and overlapping. It’s not consistent - sometimes it happens further down the page, sometimes it’s delayed, sometimes it won’t expand at all.

Is that related to the work you’re doing? :thinking:

Actually - I’ve just tested it again and it seems to open out once I scroll past the top of the bunched up images. So rather than opening as I scroll - it’s opening a section, then waiting until I’ve scrolled down past the currently expanded images.

Yes this is one of the problems for now. I hope it gets sorted in the update

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