Changing brush size lag

I noticed this and I think since the last patch it got somehow worse.

Sometimes when I shift + click+drag to change brush size krita hangs for a few seconds. I have this mostly on soft airbrush. It’s very annoying.

Anyone have the same issue?

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I did have it on the first resize I do when I run the program. But it’s gone since 4.2.4 IIRC. I have a mac, and krita and apple don’t get along so may not be related at all.

I have it on mac and pc, (work on both). And it seems using mouse isn’t the same issue. It happend at first and then again after a white. Now with latest version it happens almost all the time and it throws me off so much.

If it doesn’t do it with the mouse, maybe there’s a driver issue with your tablet ? (I don’t dev krita, just throwing ideas)

It might be this bug that you are experiencing.

Same here, with airbrush for example, when it get smaller it’s smooth but before it jump…

i dont know if this will help. it helped me. i went to direct3d 11 driver instead of open gl. with modern graphics cards i cant for the life of me figure out why anyone would want open gl. this post from reddit helped me.

I have the same issue (4.2.8 on Windows 10), luckily I am used to using decrease/increase brush size shortcuts so I don’t experience it. But trying out Shift to change brush sizes I experience the lag you are describing. Shift + Mouse work more smoothly, weird.

Tested it on todays Krita Next build, and it’s fixed for me at least! :grin: Works super smooth compared to 4.2.8!

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It was a bug exclusive to 4.2.8 and it should be already fixed on both Krita Next (active development version). and Krita Plus (next release, stable version).

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are those builds available for download somewhere? thanks.

Yes. I would suggest trying out the beta version here: which is basically Krita Plus, but that way if you find a bug, it’ll be easier for you to tell us which exact version you’re using :slight_smile: If we don’t find bugs that weren’t in previous versions, we’ll release this build in one and a half week.

I can confirm it seems a LOT faster and wihtout lag in new 2.8.9 beta. Thx for fixing. :smiley:

Yes it works in 4.2.9:)