Character Design Challenge - January 2020

This is my first time posting here. I decided to participate in CDC this month, the theme is cormorant fisherman, here is the initial sketch. Something is off, but I cant see what, I would really appreciate some advice, before I continue with the next stage of the illustration.
Thx in advance and see ya around :slight_smile:


What is CDC btw? I presume it’s not the “Center for Disease Control” xD

Regarding a critique, I think that the foreshortening is a bit wrong, mainly on his right arm. It is coming forward, so it should be a bit larger, especially considering his left arm looks to be the same size, but further away. It instinctively feels like one arm is small or the other is way too big.

Hope that helps!

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Thx for the feedback, you are completely right! I will correct the arms :wink:
CDC is Character Design Challenge, a really popular facebook group that is giving monthly challenges and the best ones are even published in a magazine. :slight_smile:
If you are insterested you can find more info on their website

Thx for the feedback again

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Interesting, thanks!

The finished illustration