Clip and move part of a selection

I have an intricate drawing of tree branches in line art. I’d like to separate one tree from the group and move it slightly on its current layer. The background (on this layer) is blank. How can I select and separate the one tree from the others?

Draw a selection lasso around it, cut and paste it to a new layer, then move it with the selection move, or layer move tool.

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Thank you for your assistance, Is the outline selection tool or the contiguous selection tool best for this somewhat intricate outline?

In most cases you use a combination of selection tools to get a perfect selection.

Though in this case I would recommend the Magnetic Lasso Tool which is available in the Krita Next version, of course since it is pre-alpha it is still experimental.

P.S: I wrote the tool last summer, if there are crashes while using the tool, do report back.

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I appreciate your reply. I’ve used a magnetic lasso tool in my old Photoshop.
If I download the Krita Next will it overwrite my existing 4.2.8, or can they run side-by-side (not at the same time)?

You can download the portable version, unzip it and use alongside your release/stable version.

Thanks TIar. Another quick question: On some forums it is considered a waste of space to reply with a “Thank You” or other praise. Is that the case on this forum? I hope not, because when climbing over Krita obstacles I have gotten great “boosts” from people like you. Should I stop “thanking”?

Thanking is perfectly fine, even encouraged :wink: You can also add a heart to someone’s response, but that way they might be not sure if it helped you or not, or may not even know if it were you since it’s harder to track and check and all. Also marking as Solution is useful as well.