Clip studio appears to based on Krita, yet they dont release the source code

CLIP STUDIO PAINT - The artist's software for drawing and painting Looking at the screenshots there its easy to recognize Kritas UI - so making the assumption its a fork based on those screenshots:

As Ive understood it, shouldn’t any forks of GPL software always release there source code? And how come Clip Studio then havent?

(Not that I really mind nor have any interest in CLip Studio, Im just asking out of curiosity as I came along the software)

There are some superficial similarities, sure, but these mainly come down to conventions between various art software and them taking inspiration from each other.

If you instead look at older versions of CSP it’ll be much more apparent that it’s starkly different from Krita’s in terms of looks, as well as general UI language.

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CSP is not based on Krita, the UI looks similar but if you look closer it is entirely different.


CSP should be based on their last software, comic studio, which should be quite a few years old.

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ahh thanks, my bad then <3

Yeah zooming in on the images a bit more reveals its not quite the same

CSP is a descendant of Paint Tool SAI though. They live in another world the world of Nippon.

But I have noticed that Asian people like Qt alot but I doubt it is the case here the menus just react differently.

That’s not quite right. Paint tool Sai has no relation to CSP. Both are independent program made by different people. Csp as far as i know it’s the new version of the old manga studio and even the resources from manga studio are compatible with the clip studio.

I don’t think CSP uses qt, but i can be wrong. but i know medibang and fire alpaca use it.

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To check if CSP uses Qt, one simple thing to do is to look at the binary files after you install the software.
And it seems they don’t use Qt but visual studio instead. Not sure.
A lot of the dll files are fully custom made and the modules might’ve been created from scratch.