Clone Tool Stamp Problem

Hello Everyone. I’m new to Krita (Just downloaded it yesterday) It’s great, only the clone tool keeps cloning the same spot over and over again. I’m not sure what is causing the multiple duplications. Maybe it’s a setting I’m not aware of? I tried to find information about this online, but I’ve found no help on this topic problem. Thank you for any help. Someone told me that “Source Point Move” needs to be checked and “Source Point Reset Before A New Stroke” should be unchecked. These were / are already the checked settings in my Krita, yet the problem still happens… Information on my Krtia version and current settings are below.

I am using Krita Version 4.4.8 (in 64 bit) on windows 10

  • Tool Settings:
    “Source Point Move” is Checked
    “Source Point Reset Before A New Stroke” is Unchecked.

An image of the problem:
Picture of the Problem (Link)

Most probably it is cloning from the previous cloned place. As in you clone a portion the let go of your brush then the clone portion is added to the image now when you do the clone it will copy this new cloned portion too.

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I’ve only just realised, after the suggestion by @raghukamath, that you’re cloning onto the same layer.
When I previously said that it worked fine for me, I was cloning onto a new layer above my image layer.
Try making a new paint layer, which will be placed above your image layer, and clone from the image layer onto that one.
The Brush Editor’s Painting Mode area gives the instructions for that.

:heart_eyes: Oh wow, thank you very much. That worked and solved my problem. I really appreciate it, AhabGreybeard. :heart_eyes: