Closing a Topic Locks out users from Info

I just spent a good FEW hours writing a OP for Forum Formatting, but there was a few questions about me Acuatually testing the forum software here!.

Needless to say, the issue was closed and I have no more access to what was being worked on at the time, thus ruining my time like a hard crash in Krita itself.

@raghukamath can you please make a sticky post for tested forum stuff like I had. It tests everything. If you don’t, then new users will go thru the same problems as I didn’t and post anyway. And If a thread they was writing live is destroyed, then they wont be happy. This is an issue with the software as I have stated.


As I said you can test the post formating options in the tutorial via the message. There is no need to make a long post adding every bbcode and markdown code that the software supports I even gave you a demo website link.

You ignore my advice to use the tutorial so I had no choice to lock the post.

Once again I advice check out the tutorial. and also this thread. Hope this solves your curiosity.

You are also posting in wrong category.

I don’t think users find it hard to post as you your self have posted quiet often. the post editor also is pretty straight forward to use. There is no issue with the software as I know it.

Then restore the posts you closed, they was working LIVE examples of the software you are using now.

I cannot reclaim the time spent drafting because you might have clicked a close button and the software you use said “Well, that’s it. DESTROY”.

please don’t unintentionally do it again.

No that was intentional, as you have disregarded my advice and go on to do your own thing.